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Monthly Archives: June 2020

RCRE – Acquiring in Nashville

  Mike Taravella and co-host Will Coleman interview Adam Klenk and Tyler Mayo of Capstone Apartment Partners. Key Information: Underwriting models should factor in the new reserve requirements and hold periods based on what market the asset is in. Different markets require different reserve amounts. What metrics to look for if a market…

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wheelbarrow profits

WBP – 5 Year Anniversary Episode with Jake and Gino

5 years ago, Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro started the Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast. Since then they’ve written two books (Wheelbarrow Profits & The Honey Bee), started multiple companies, risen to 1600 units and launched three additional weekly podcasts. On this very special 5 Year Anniversary episode, the guys talk about how they committed to a…

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WBP – Dust Yourself Off with Don Costa

  Don Costa is based in Fresno, California, and has been active in real estate for 17+ years. He is the host of the popular Flip Talk Podcast and purchases distressed houses, conducts quality renovations, and sells turn-key homes. After the crash of 2008, Don lost everything, but he bounced back bigger, stronger, and better.…

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RCRE – When Is The Best Time to Refinance?

Mike Taravella interviews Will Coleman about the best time to refinance Key Information: Community banks have various seasoning periods ranging from 1-3 years depending on the bank Agency banks generally like to have 1-2 year seasoning period When you refinance the banks like for you to have “skin in the game” Know your…

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When is The Best Time to Refinance a Multifamily Property?

- Will Coleman Director of Finance at Rand Capital Introduction Leverage is one of the most powerful tools in commercial real estate. It allows you to acquire an income producing asset, without having to bring all the capital yourself. However, as with most powerful tools, necessary precaution must be taken in order to avoid…

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