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Monthly Archives: July 2020

RCRE – Brainstorming the Future of Multi-family

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella interview Chris Jackson of Sharpline Equity. Key Information: Systematize follow up conversations with investors and brokers using software like Trello. Six Disciplines of Asset Management: Delinquency Management, Renewal Management, Marketing, Community Development, On-site Property Management, Reputation Management Technology and Asset Management: Utilize Facebook and LISA for resident…

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RCRE – Understanding Loan Pricing with James Shukis

  Will Coleman and Mike Taravella interview James Shukis of City Bank. Key Information: Lending on single-family homes has accelerated during the last quarter. New trends in housing show college graduates gravitating towards class A condos and townhomes in metropolitan areas. Why now is a good time to accelerate your debt with lower…

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RCRE – Cracking Mobile Home Parks with Ekatarina Stepanova

  Will Coleman and Mike Taravella interview Ekatarina Stepanova of M2K Partners. Key Information: Mobile home parks are divided into lots which have homes owned by either the park or the tenants. Mobile homes are considered personal property and not real estate. When underwriting mobile home parks, only underwrite the lots and do…

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RCRE – Keeping Everyone Accountable

  Will Coleman interviews Mike Taravella of Rand Partners. Key Information: Accountability: Keep in constant communication with your property management team in order to address any problems as soon as they occur. Key Performance Indicators to look at: Occupancy, Delinquency, and Marketing. Communicate and be a resource to your residents so that you…

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