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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Asset Management with Brandon Abbott

Mike Taravella Interviews Brandon Abbott of Key Information: Consider what a tenant is willing to pay for before moving forward with full renovations. What you think is a good renovation, and what your tenants are willing to pay for are not always the same thing. If your property management team is not hitting the…

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bruce petersen

Syndicating is a B*tch with Bruce Petersen

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella Interview award winning multifamily syndicator Bruce Petersen. Key Information: Despite low cap rates, investors still need a place to put their money. The low cash on cash returns in muti-family are still better than letting cash sit in the bank with low interest rates. Success in real estate is all…

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Tactical Acquisitions with Chad King

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella Interview Chad King of Titan Capital Group. Key Information: Many people are shifting to invest in multi-family as fear grows around the probability of rising inflation and low interest rates for the coming years. There are deals in every phase of the market cycle. What changes is 1.) how you…

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Preferred Equity 101 with Rob Beardsley

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella Interview Rob Beardsley of Lone Star Capital Group Key Information: Preferred Equity is a hybrid product which is subordinate to the senior loan but has payment priority over common equity positions. Benefits of Preferred Equity include: Sponsors and developers are provided with a higher degree of leverage at lower cost…

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