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Monthly Archives: January 2021

RCRE – Social Media Marketing with Martynas Fedotovas

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Martynas Fedotovas of Beating Alpha Media. Key Information: You can’t build brand around your company without a clear message and vision. What makes you and your business different? A business is just an entity that solves a particular problem in the marketplace. Get feedback from your customers Ask effective…

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Improving Your SEO with Kris Reid

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Kris Reid of Ardor SEO. Key Information: A company with a quality product is only as good as the amount of customers they bring in. Focus on tasks that directly correlate with revenue generation. Good marketing is often the missing piece for struggling businesses. Marketing 101: Identify your niche…

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multifamily real estate deal structuring

RCRE – Looking At The Larger Picture with Justin Spaulding

In this episode, Justin Spaulding highlights some of the key components of multifamily real estate deal structuring and financing. Justin has been active in real estate since 2009. In 2012 he founded SG Realty, LLC. Since then he has raised more than $12,800,000 of 3rd party investor funds and successfully invested 100% of funds into…

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Are you diversifying your real estate investments?

On this episode of the RandCRE show, Alina discusses why it’s important to invest in different asset classes.  Learn and understand one asset class at a time. Questions to ask:  How is it historically performing? What location is it best to acquire in How much demand is there for it? Expert Pro Tip: “Always continue…

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