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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Investing in Self-storage

Investing in Self-storage with Ryan Gibson

Mike Taravella interviews Ryan Gibson of Spartan Investment Group. Key Information: Mom & Pop Owners:  small, family-owned, or independent business owners. Self-storage is comprised mostly of mom and pop owners. This provides a lot of opportunity for investors to come in and add value. Learn as much as you can about the current operator before closing…

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Small vs. Large Multifamily Underwriting

Small vs. Large Multifamily Underwriting with Mike Taravella

Mike Taravella discusses the difference between underwriting small and large multifamily deals. Key Information: Management Fees: MGMT fees vary depending on the size of the deal. Smaller deals typically have higher management fees than larger properties. Administrative Expenses: All costs associated with the back-office operations on a property: software, computers, printers etc. Marketing Expenses:, Facebook marketplace,…

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Best Choice for Creatives

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