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Monthly Archives: July 2021

investment opportunities

Opportunistic Investing

Mike Taravella and Special Guest Host Adam La Barr Interview Sergio Altomare of Hearthfire Holdings. Key Information: Always be ready to make an educated decision to pivot when the market requires it. Sergio moved from single family, to apartments, to self-storage, and he runs a property management company. Systematizing in-and-of-itself is a value add to…

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5 Tools All Passive Investors

5 Tools All Passive Investors Should Know About

The 5 Tools Mike Taravella uses when underwriting deals are: US Census Bureau for population growth & employment FFIEC to see Median Household Income Reddit to find best and worst places to live in a market Police Department to see crime stats and if they are comfortable living in that market Lexis Nexis for crime…

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Managing Debt and Operations with Logan Rankin

Mike Taravella interviews Logan Rankin. Key information: Rising inflation makes debt a major wealth building tool Manage debt before managing the real estate itself. Maximize debt as long as a property is financially When inflation rate is higher than your debt interest rate you are being paid to borrow Pay attention to not be under-leveraged…

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