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3 Pillars To Managing The Corona Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every facet of our livelihood, here at Rand Partners we felt it was important to take a step back and document the things we have done that have had a positive impact on our business. While it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of running a business, below are the three main principles that we have been focusing on as a company now more than ever.

  • Communicate
  • Document
  • Make It Happen

Communicate: With everything changing constantly, we have created a Corona Task Force to have a meeting of the minds with our leadership, maintenance teams, and area property managers. This allows for new information to be quickly communicated transmitted to team members, updates regarding the morale of the team, and most importantly how the how are our residents are being impacted. For example, once the State of Kentucky halted evictions until July 2020, we provided updates every other day to highlight the news that residents could trust. We sent emails, posted letters, sent text messages, and posted announcements throughout our communities to make everyone of the updates.

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