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Are We in a Bubble?

Will Coleman interviews Jeremy Roll of Roll Investment Group. Key Information: Inverted Yield Curve: A graphical representation of a situation in which long-term debt instruments have lower yields than short term debt. (Considered to be a predictor of economic recessions) Potential Bubbles Bitcoin Tesla Multi-family Collections have been stable but have started to dip for…

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Innovating Syndications with Jake Marmulstein

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Jake Marmulstein of Groundbreaker. Key Information: What is Groundbreaker? A full-service software used to automate real estate fundraising, portfolio reporting, and investor relations. Keys to Investor Relations Transparency Reporting Communication Uses for Groundbreaker Administrative work Deal Analysis Due Diligence Deal Presentations Expert Pro Tip: “Spend time underwriting and analyzing…

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SEC Updates

SEC Updates with Kim Taylor

Mike Taravella interviews Kim Taylor of Syndication Attorneys. Key Information: Kim Lisa Taylor is a nationally recognized corporate securities attorney, speaker and the author of the No. 1 Amazon best selling book “How to Legally Raise Private Money”. She is the founder of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC and, whose purpose is to provide quality legal advice, plain English offering documents and…

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hadar orkibi

Why Invest in Multi-family with Hadar Orkibi

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Hadar Orkibi of MFI Holding. Key Information: Ensure you have a proof of concept before you begin to scale in any particular market. To develop lasting relationships with local brokers and investors you must be physically present in the market. Working with Lenders: Keep deposits with banks you want…

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david kahn

Real Estate Data with David Kahn

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview David Kahn of Costar Group. Key Information: 2021 Forecast: strong recovery uptick in rent growth increased occupancy rates Occupancy and rent growth has stayed most consistent for B and C class assets since the beginning of the pandemic. Downtown metro areas took a major hit as many employees moved…

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Understanding Capital Markets with Nate Trunfio

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Nate Trunfio of Lima One Capital LLC. Key Information: Capital Markets A venue where savings and investments are transferred between the suppliers who have capital and those who are in need of capital. Secondary Markets Capital markets are composed of primary and secondary markets. Lenders originate loans then sell…

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bill ham

Market Cycles with Bill Ham

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Bill Ham of Broadwell Property Group. Key Information: Current Lending Criteria: Decreased LTV Qualified borrowers Higher reserve requirements Creative Financing: Lenders tighten their lending standards during declining or recessionary market cycles. When this happens, debt becomes more expensive and new opportunities for creative financing emerge. Capex Tsunami: As class…

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Improving Your SEO with Kris Reid

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Kris Reid of Ardor SEO. Key Information: A company with a quality product is only as good as the amount of customers they bring in. Focus on tasks that directly correlate with revenue generation. Good marketing is often the missing piece for struggling businesses. Marketing 101: Identify your niche…

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