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Rand CRE Show

Loans Less than One Million

Loans Less than One Million with Mike Taravella

Key Information: Agency: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac like to lend on larger properties stabilized properties within certain markets. Getting agency debt on smaller properties can be more difficult. Community Banks: Local lenders have a higher risk tolerance and are often willing to lend on smaller assets within their target markets. Team Members: Property management…

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Investing in Self-storage

Investing in Self-storage with Ryan Gibson

Mike Taravella interviews Ryan Gibson of Spartan Investment Group. Key Information: Mom & Pop Owners:  small, family-owned, or independent business owners. Self-storage is comprised mostly of mom and pop owners. This provides a lot of opportunity for investors to come in and add value. Learn as much as you can about the current operator before closing…

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Small vs. Large Multifamily Underwriting

Small vs. Large Multifamily Underwriting with Mike Taravella

Mike Taravella discusses the difference between underwriting small and large multifamily deals. Key Information: Management Fees: MGMT fees vary depending on the size of the deal. Smaller deals typically have higher management fees than larger properties. Administrative Expenses: All costs associated with the back-office operations on a property: software, computers, printers etc. Marketing Expenses:, Facebook marketplace,…

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multifamily loan closing costs

What is Included in Closing Costs with Will Coleman

Will Coleman discusses what closing costs are included in a loan closing. Key Information: 3 Types of Costs Day One upfront costs Origination Fees Miscellaneous costs Day One Costs Appraisal Phase 1 Environmental Physical Inspection Underwriting fees Third Party Legal Ordination Fee Generally a 1% of loan amount Miscellaneous Fees Title Search / Insurance Escrow…

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Are We in a Bubble?

Will Coleman interviews Jeremy Roll of Roll Investment Group. Key Information: Inverted Yield Curve: A graphical representation of a situation in which long-term debt instruments have lower yields than short term debt. (Considered to be a predictor of economic recessions) Potential Bubbles Bitcoin Tesla Multi-family Collections have been stable but have started to dip for…

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Innovating Syndications with Jake Marmulstein

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Jake Marmulstein of Groundbreaker. Key Information: What is Groundbreaker? A full-service software used to automate real estate fundraising, portfolio reporting, and investor relations. Keys to Investor Relations Transparency Reporting Communication Uses for Groundbreaker Administrative work Deal Analysis Due Diligence Deal Presentations Expert Pro Tip: “Spend time underwriting and analyzing…

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SEC Updates

SEC Updates with Kim Taylor

Mike Taravella interviews Kim Taylor of Syndication Attorneys. Key Information: Kim Lisa Taylor is a nationally recognized corporate securities attorney, speaker and the author of the No. 1 Amazon best selling book “How to Legally Raise Private Money”. She is the founder of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC and, whose purpose is to provide quality legal advice, plain English offering documents and…

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hadar orkibi

Why Invest in Multi-family with Hadar Orkibi

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Hadar Orkibi of MFI Holding. Key Information: Ensure you have a proof of concept before you begin to scale in any particular market. To develop lasting relationships with local brokers and investors you must be physically present in the market. Working with Lenders: Keep deposits with banks you want…

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david kahn

Real Estate Data with David Kahn

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview David Kahn of Costar Group. Key Information: 2021 Forecast: strong recovery uptick in rent growth increased occupancy rates Occupancy and rent growth has stayed most consistent for B and C class assets since the beginning of the pandemic. Downtown metro areas took a major hit as many employees moved…

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