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Tyler Brunson

Want to save money on trash removal?

On this episode of the RandCRE show, Tyler Brunson explains how to increase your NOI by saving money on trash removal each month. Avoid signing contracts with auto-renewal stipulations. Renegotiate your contract each time it expires. Additional learning:

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multifamily investing year end 2020 review

Apartment Investing: Year 2020 In Review

On this episode of the RandCRE show, Jake Stenziano, Gino Barbaro, and Bill Ham discuss their biggest takeaways from this year. How to know if you are at the top of the market cycle: Deals only work with heavy IO periods. New and inexperienced investors are entering the market. Cap rates are highly compressed. Listen…

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Jamie Gruber

How to Build Your Brand with Jamie Gruber

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Jamie Gruber of Multifamily and More real estate Investment Club. Key Information: Authenticity: Don’t pretend to know more than you do in real estate. Be honest about what you’ve accomplished and what your goals are moving forward.  2 Levels of Brand Building: Find out where your strengths lie. Do…

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Be Your Own Bank with Harper Jones

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Harper Jones of Create Tailwind Infinite Banking coaching.  Key Information: Whole Life Insurance guarantees payment of a death benefit to beneficiaries in exchange for regularly due premium payments. In addition, Whole Life Policies includes a savings portion called the “cash value” which accumulates interest on a tax-deferred basis. Policy…

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Maurce Philogene

How to Think about Real Estate with Maurice Philogene

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman interview Maurce Philogene of Quattro Capital. Key Information: Stop thinking about success in real estate in terms of competition. Start thinking about how you can form mutually beneficial relationships with other investors and brokers in the industry. Tools for Virtual Management: Earth Class Mail – digitize all your mail (forward…

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What to Know About Supplemental Loans

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman explain what you need to know about supplemental loans. Key Information: Before underwriting your financing assumptions, speak to the lender of the senior loan to determine what terms and conditions are possible for the new loan. Lenders require at least 12 months to pass before you are eligible to apply…

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Loan Assumptions

What to Know About Loan Assumptions

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman explain what you need to know about loan assumptions. Key Information: Yield Maintenance prepayment penalties are more expensive than step down prepayment penalties. The lower the U.S. Treasury rates, the more the expensive the prepayment penalty is for yield maintenance loans. Before getting a property under contract, contact the originator…

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John Okocha

Investing in Relationships with John Okocha

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman Interview John Okocha of Elevate Commercial Investment group. Key Information: How to create an Investor Mindset: Surround yourself with people who have experience and success in the industry. Real estate is a relationship based business. Invest in creating relationships with both brokers and other investors in your target markets. Give yourself…

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