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RCRE – Getting Creative with Bill Ham

  Mike Taravella and co host Will Coleman interview Bill Ham, Chief Operating Officer at Broadwell Property Group. Key Information: Bill has been focusing on newer assets (primarily 1985 and newer) Not focusing on major capital expenditures that don’t have any ROIs (Plumbing) Bill is also focusing on long-term holds Bill anticipates a 15-20% reduction in multifamily valuations Collections in…

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RCRE – Managing Covid-19

  Mike Taravella and new co host Will Coleman interviews Jennifer Outland, the Regional Manager with Rand Property Management. Key Information: Keep a positive attitude because you need to be a rock to your residents, investors, and your team Put together a task force to help collaborate all team members and to have fast and consistent communication Have…

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RCRE – Impactful Property Management with Luke Leins

  Mike Taravella interviews Luke Leins from InvestRes to discuss property management, underwriting, and developing culture Luke Leins is the Director of Business Development for InvestRes Real Estate which has purchased 17,000 units, maintain $1.5B+ in assets under management   Key Information: -InvestRes has been moving from investing and being vertically integrated to becoming a 3rd party property…

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