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RPP – Cash Is King

  Rand Partners Podcast - Cash is King Key Information: The 3 main bank accounts Operating Expense Day-to-Day Income and Expenses come through here Determine baseline that stays in the account Capital Account Nonrecurring upgrades or capital replacements Example: Creating a dog park, Replace Roof Should raise that on the…

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top due diligence tips

RPP – Top 3 Due Diligence Tips

Jake Stenziano and Dylan Marma discuss the top 3 tips for performing due diligence.   Key Information: Walk Every Unit Prevents sellers hiding shell units that could be staged as occupied or used for storage Verify upgrades in the units Snake the drain lines Snaking the drain is recording the path and see if there are blockages in the drains Prevents major…

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Nikolai Ray

RPP – Nikolai Ray

Nikolai Ray is the founder and CEO of the MREX, creating marketplaces for multifamily markets and secondaries market for real estate. Nikolai discusses with Rand Partners how people overemphasize cap rates in value-add deals. Key Information: Cap rate is the annualized return on investment if you purchased a property all cash The problem with focusing…

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