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RCRE – Acquiring In Lexington with Ken Silvestri and Robert Jones


Mike Taravella interviews Ken Silvestri and Robert Jones of Silvestri Real Estate Team.

Key Information:

  • The University of Kentucky, a Toyota plant, and tech companies are contributing to diverse job growth in Lexington.
  • The job growth has brought a lot of demand for housing with limited supply.
  • Buyers are growing an appetite for post value add products.
  • Why being a good resource for investors will help you down the road..
  • Undwrite quickly for off market deals.
  • Be honest with brokers so they understand what kind of deals they need to bring to you.
  • Brokers want someone who understands the market and who they can count on to close a deal.


Expert Pro Tip: “Be Transparent”

Contact Information:

Office: (859)-263-2300


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