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RCRE – Increasing Profitability by Controlling Utilities with Kevin Gardner

Mike Taravella and co-host Will Coleman interview Kevin Gardner of Multifamily Utility Solutions

Key Information:

  • Right of Entry: Cable company pays operators to enter the property and the residents pay for the service. 
  • Cable contract pays operators owners through signing bonus (by door) or revenue share
  • The Other Contract is Bulk Bill: Operator pays for every unit regardless if resident uses it.
  • Operators can save money because cheaper discount but could charge premium
  • Class A & B leverage Bulk Bill
  • Kevin can leverage his services for other utilities if our market is deregulated
  •  This service is no cost unless you as the operator get paid
  • Plan ahead to see if there is a contract already in existence


Expert Pro Tip: “Just Call!”

Contact Information:

(248) 930-4768

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