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RCRE – Scaling Profitably with Nate Trunfio


Mike Taravella interviews Nate Trunfio from Direct Lending Partners to discuss

Nate is the President of DLP Direct Lending Partners, a national private lender who lends to single family and multi-family operators.

Key Information:

-Stay focused on specific tasks that drive revenue

-Leverages Traction and EOS principles by starting a large 10 year goal, 5 year, 3 year , 1 year, and quarterly goals to help people accountable

-Multifamily assets have more factors to consider compared to single family (market, submarket, and income approach)

-Invest in Education

-Multifamily continues to be strong due to low unemployment, strong job growth, and more renters coming to market

-Affordability continues to be an issue within multifamily

-Increase income AND expenses in your underwriting

-The best deal we have done, is not doing a bad deal

Expert Pro Tip: Be conservative with your underwriting, surround yourself with great peer group, know your capital partner


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