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RCRE – Brainstorming the Future of Multi-family

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella interview Chris Jackson of Sharpline Equity. Key Information: Systematize follow up conversations with investors and brokers using software like Trello. Six Disciplines of Asset Management: Delinquency Management, Renewal Management, Marketing, Community Development, On-site Property Management, Reputation Management Technology and Asset Management: Utilize Facebook and LISA for resident…

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RCRE – Streamline Success with Chris Pomerleau and Collin Schwartz

  Mike Taravella and co-host Will Coleman interview Chris Pomerleau and Collin Schwartz of Park Ave Capital Key Information: Streamline communication between your residents and maintenance teams Ask residents during due diligence what they like and dislike about the property Update common areas before raising rents upon takeover Leverage processes used by larger groups to help…

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RCRE – Underwriting For The Future with Rob Beardsley

  Mike Taravella and co host Will Coleman interview Rob Beardsley founder and principal at Lonestar Capital. Key Information: Rob identifies three major levers of underwriting he is looking at in order to better prepare his underwriting on future acquisitions. Those three levers are: Stabilization timeline - Having a realistic time frame of when you will make…

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